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So, you’re in the business of looking for new outdoor seating? It might seem pretty basic, but there are a few important things to consider before you place an order besides simply how much you’re looking to spend. Function, size, and the conditions it will be placed in are some of the factors that go into choosing the right option.

One of the first things to determine is what exactly you are buying for. Do you need stadium bleachers to enclose, say, a football field, or a few small team benches for players to sit?

Benches are all about the same and can be purchased without too much variation. The size may vary depending on the sport and how many total players will be using it. For instance, football and baseball teams will generally need longer benches to accommodate the large teams, and consistent downtime players have.

Aluminum bleachers work great for outdoor stadium seating that will be used by fans and spectators. These bleachers can vary greatly in size depending on need. back link check . A small school might only need one that seats 25 people, while big universities build giant stadiums with wraparound seating that fits thousands. The average football stadium will hold about 70,000, while baseball stadiums fit around 47,000.

Portable bleachers are a great option for someone not looking to break the bank on an enormous project. They can range from a few hundred, to a few thousand dollars depending on size.

Another great benefit of portable bleachers is the ability to well, move them! If you know a storm is scheduled to hit soon they can be moved to a safe location where you won’t risk losing, or damaging them.

The movable nature also makes them great to double for school functions such as rallies, or assemblies. Don’t keep everyone cooped up in an auditorium on a beautiful day, set up your bleachers in the parking lot or nearby field and make an outdoor presentation!

Buying new outdoor seating may seem like a mundane, unimportant task, but don’t underestimate the advantages in having the right equipment. Function, size, quality, and versatility are all potential reasons to do your homework before your next purchase.

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